Introducing The Celebration Show

Are you planning a wedding, memorial, or any type of ceremony or celebration?
Are you an event planner looking for advice and tips on ceremony planning?
Are you a Celebrant, or Officiant, looking to learn more about the process and business of ceremonies?
Do you just love a great celebration?
If any, or all, of this applies to you, then we have a program that will give you what you need.

We also invite you to join us and let yourself, or your business, be heard. If you have a comment, tip, idea, or a question, send it in and let us share on air. We’ll link back to your resources or web site in our program and show notes.

If you feel you would make a great guest on the show, if you have something exciting to share, mail us today and let us know. When we share the wisdom, the standards rise for everyone.

Meet Han Hills

Wedding Officiant Han HillsHan Hills is a Professional Wedding Officiant based in Wilmington, North Carolina.

He specializes in Humanist, Non-religious, and Non-denominational ceremonies.

Originally from the U.K., he has traveled widely, but now considers himself very much at home here in the U.S.

When not matching or dispatching, he enjoys a nice cup of tea, and a good book.

He is the author of The Complete Celebrant Handbook.