Episode 7 – Victoria Bisland, Humanist Ceremonies in Scotland

Greetings, my fellow Celebrationists! Welcome to episode 7, and our show about Humanist Weddings!

In this episode of The Celebration Show, we are all about the Humanism. This century (and we are only fifteen years in!) has seen an astonishing rise in Humanist weddings across the world, and particularly in Scotland, where they have increased by 20% on average every year since 2005, the year they were made legal.

What is the appeal of a Humanist ceremony, and what does that title mean for those involved? We talked to one of Scotland’s leading Humanist Celebrants to get the inside story.

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Meet our Interviewee – Victoria Bisland

victoria-266x266Victoria, a graduate from Paisley University, has held a number of different roles since graduation but has always enjoyed working with people. She has relished the many opportunities to speak in public and is an excellent communicator and speaker.

In the last few years she has specialized in working for charities with children, with the elderly and with some of the most disadvantage people in society. In 2010 Victoria decided to train as a Humanist Marriage Officer and has been busy ever since conducting marriages.

At the end of 2011 Victoria joined Fuze to help establish a new innovative company and Foundation.

Victoria especially enjoys meeting couples who wish to design a highly personal ceremony and feels honored to be able to assist in this capacity. She is delighted to conduct marriages in any location chosen by the bride and groom.

Since early 2012 Victoria has been at the heart of establishing the Fuze Foundation.

Victoria can be contacted directly at victoria@fuzeceremonies.co.uk

I love being a celebrant. Helping people to create a ceremony that celebrates the most important day of their lives is a joy and a privilege.

Victoria Bisland

Humanism and More – Useful Links and Resources

Fuze Ceremonies – http://www.fuzeceremonies.co.uk/

Humanist Society of Scotland – https://www.humanism.scot/

British Humanist Association – https://humanism.org.uk/

Breakthrough Breast Cancer –http://breastcancernow.org/

Chas – Children’s Hospice Association in Scotland – http://www.chas.org.uk/

Lochaber Hope –http://www.lochaberhope.org.uk/

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