Episode 8 – Joe Orlando, Modern Memorials and More

Greetings, my fellow Celebrationists! Welcome to episode 8, and our show with Joe Orlando!

Today I am hugely fortunate to interview fellow Celebrant Joe Orlando. As I first reached out online for advice, and to learn from the best professionals, I very quickly became aware of Joe. He regular contributes to many boards and groups, offering advice and feedback to others.

Joe is the admin of the Facebook Group, Funeral Celebrants, and so in this episode I take time to ask him about his approach to those ceremonies in particular. The move across from weddings to other ceremonies can be quite a daunting one, and I believe Joe gives us some great insights into what a Celebrant can expect, and what are the best practices, skills, and approaches to take with you into this delicate but rewarding area of our profession.

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Wherever you are, and whatever you do, I hope something today gives you reason for a real celebration!

Meet our Interviewee – Joe Orlando

unnamed“Having had a long career as a master teacher of Jazz Dance, holding workshops and classes from Alaska to New York and Italy to Tel Aviv, I have semi-retired to a new life as the owner and proprietor of Fenwick Street Used Books & Music, in Leonardtown, Maryland.

I received my ordination from The Universal Life Church, Modesto, CA. and I was asked to perform a wedding for some dear friends in Indiana. The ceremony was co-created by the couple and myself. It was so enjoyable that I decided to start a wedding ministry.

As an artist and creative person, I enjoy customizing and creating wedding ceremonies that are unique and special. Contact me for a free consultation and we will create a ceremony that will be something you really enjoy!”

Useful Links and Resources

Joe Orlando Online – http://www.creativeweddings-somd.com/creativeweddings-somd.com/Welcome.html

Happy Amp P.A. System – http://happieamp.com/

Live scribe – Livescribe Note Taking Technology

Funeral Celebrants Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1463749080582393/

American Association of Wedding Officiants – http://www.figstreet.com/guesthouse/aawo.html

Joe Orlando’s Funeral Web Site – http://www.joeorlandofunerals.com/home.html

Also visit – http://reverendjoeorlandofuneralservices.yolasite.com/

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